Frequently Asked Questions

What does your service do?

Here at Junk-It LLC we specialize in the removal of but not limited to appliances, furniture, demolition debris, electronics, mulch tree branches, scrap and more.

What do you not take?

So things we can not haul would be anything hazardous waste like fuel, oil, paint, asbestos, items that could be toxic or flammable. Household chemicals in small volumes or garage chemicals in small volumes are also accepted.

Can you come into our house and or on our property to remove these items or do they have to be outside?

Yes that is why this company was developed. We love coming into your home to help you remove your items.  The only difference in us coming into any building structure is we now have to charge sales tax on the service only due to the State of Minnesota tax laws.

Do you guys do weekly or biweekly garbage services?

No we can not do weekly or biweekly garbage pick up as we do not have a haulers license. We can do one time pick up if you have big or small loads needing removed but we can't put you on a scheduled service.

Can you haul recycling items like cardboard, newspaper, magazines, packing paper and other items that pertain to recycling?

Yes we can. We haul large volumes of cardboard and packing materials for people that have just moved to the town or are moving out of town all the time or for people that have missed the garbage companies weekly service. We do ask that everything be presorted before pick up but it is not required.

Will your company move us or haul items to other areas of our home?

No we do not move or haul peoples items to other locations of their homes due to insurance reasons and the way the business equipment is set up.

Does your company sell used auto parts?

No we haul items from your residence and just because the companies name start with junk doesn't mean we sell used auto parts.

Does your company buy and sell scrap?

No we are not a scrap yard but we have been known to purchase a car or two under certain circumstances.

Does your company haul for just residential customers?

No we actually haul for commercial and residential customers all the time.

How big is your trailer?

The junk trailer is around 25 cubic yards and is the largest single unit in SE Minnesota.

Can you drop your junk trailer off and let us load it ourselves?

We currently do not rent our equipment out. We may be looking into doing roll-off containers in the near future.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept all forms of credit and debit cards, checks, cash and we now accept certain crypto currency.

What are your terms of payment?

Payments must be paid in full at the completion of the job unless other arrangements have been made prior to scheduling the job.

Is your company registered and insured?

Yes we are registered both state and locally and carry liability insurance. Be careful when selecting other companies because not all companies are insured or registered. Registration can be checked at the state of Minnesota's website.

Are you willing to travel outside of your general area?

Yes we are US DOT which means we are able to travel to other states and over a 100 mile air radius in our state of Minnesota.